Acrylic Artist Cherie Monteferrante

Arts Alliance of Littleton

May 2006 Artist of the Month
Cherie Monteferrante

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Artist Statement
Cherie is an acrylic painter whose style conquers the challenge of smooth against texture capturing every day life. A cross between realism and impressionism, she describes her work as representational. “We take for granted moments in time, the streets we walk on and the landscapes of buildings. I capture the moments in time we cherished and give them back to you in dreams on canvas”, Cherie says.

Cherie was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and has lived in Ohio and California, but makes her home in Colorado. She prefers acrylic, its’ quick drying properties add to the layering and texture. Cherie’s Italian-American heritage has been an important influence in her work. Her current works include scenes from all over Italy. Cherie’s passion for people and helping the community is an important piece to keeping her grounded in her purpose. Her love and respect for all things are reflected in her art as well as her lifestyle.
She received a BA Bachelor of Visual Arts from UNC, Greeley, CO and a MAS Master of Applied Science from Denver University. To see more of her paintings view her website at .

Advice to members; other artists
Open yourself up to not only the world’s visual playground, but to other artist’s playgrounds. It was once said “Beware of the person that calls themselves an expert because they have closed their mind to any new possibilities.” I have met so many artists that have shut themselves out: out of networking, out of learning and out of sharing. It’s only when we share, that we learn from others and open our own eyes to new possibilities. We are not competing with each other; when we are separate, we weaken the bond we share and therefore the meaning of art as a whole. Make it a point to meet at least one new artist a month and promise yourself not to judge ; critique each other’s work out of knowledge and ask questions. Each one of us has a different talent to share, let’s understand we’re not competing and move to develop a community we can love. Isn’t that what art is about, PASSION!